Fashion. Design. Quality.


"We teach them about fashion, color theory and design. They incorporate their traditional processes to make it a reality."


Being a native has its own advantage. We've known some artisans since we were little. In fact, one of the seamstresses was my elementary school teacher.  

The way we execute our work is very intimate. Every detail of the product is discussed on a daily basis. Every artisan is in sync with and in support of the vision for the brand.


We are committed to making quality fashionable products, all while improving our community.

You, the consumer, are the most powerful force to make that a reality.

so, THANK YOU for taking the time to get to know us. 


Our Values


Quality Materials

Here is the truth, when sourcing materials is up to the artisans, they tend to go for the cheaper ones to lower their start up cost.

In order to ensure quality, we source and pay for all the raw materials. Artisans who can produce very fine quality work are paid at least 1.5X higher without a starting cost Now, that's a great deal.

Higher Standards

Not all artisans are equal at their crafts. This shows in the quality and consistency of the products. Young artisans are motivated to perfect their crafts in order to receive higher pay.

Currently, we fund artisans in Mae Hong Son village to learn the techniques from the older generations by covering the cost of transportation, materials, and lesson fees. Keeping their tradition alive.


To us, our interaction with the artisans is more than just a business transaction. It is a friendship based on a love of fashion.


Fun Fact


Grandma was a big cotton distributor in the North. Where we are from, cotton is quite abundant. This makes it easy to source materials locally.