A trip to the village


A glimpse of the village, people and their day to day lives. Taken in April 2017


Overview of Pa Mai Dang village, Chiang Mai 

The village is about 80 km from the center of Chiang Mai

Banana trees are everywhere

It is common to see passengers in the back of a pick up truck

Be careful Elephant sign

A small dam in front of the village

The lake is a place to fish, swim and play

A closer look at the lake

The road leads to the village

Big trees are often viewed as sacred.

The main religion practiced in Thailand is Buddhism. Here, It is considered disrespectful to use Buddha as a photo prop or for anything outside of religious purpose.

One of the biggest houses in the village

logs are used to build houses and also for cooking

We made a visit on Tomb-Sweeping day (Ching Ming day).

The villagers gathered together to remember and honor their ancestors at their grave sites.

The front porch is where you will see most villagers sitting and chilling

It's been a long time since he had his photo taken.

Corn. the food widely enjoyed all over the wolrd

Most artisans do their crafts outdoors where the weather is cooler and brighter. 

a nice day to sit outside and do some work

Hard working hands

A look inside the living room

She is excited that her work will be sold aboard

The rest area

Collecting baskets for trash and plants

The basement of the house is usually open and used for storage

Embriodering in progress

Back from corn harvesting

Pretty much all women in the village have a few Lisu bags

Because it was a religious holiday, many artisans were out worshipping. On any other day, you will see many women working on their crafts 

Handmade dolls wearing their traditional costumes

Lisu fabric in progress

Children are the hope and future of the world.