How it all began



2 Things happened during my trip to Thailand:



I was captivated by ethnic patterns and local crafts created by villagers in different regions of Thailand.


I witnessed unemployment and poor living conditions. It was a problem when I was growing up. It is still a problem now. Villagers are looking for ways to make a living after farming becomes infeasible due to climate and political uncertainties.


So that’s where it all began. At Arada, we create beautiful patterned accessories and improve lives. One piece at a time.

Origin of Our Name 


"ARADA" is my mother's name. My mother is the most loving and compassionate person I know. She has been so supportive of this project from the start.  Her enthusiasm is a point of inspiration for the company.


About Me


Hello! My name is Amy Lownes.

I was born in Lampang, Thailand. I finished my studies in the US where I met my husband, Eric. I am crafty, fashionable, and imaginative. I am determined to make a change for people in my native land by establishing market access for their crafts.



Our Team


Currently, we are working with women in Northern Thailand, including Lampang, Chiang Mai, and Mae Hong Son. Many of them were previously unemployed. Some are taking a break from farming due to a drought. Our artisans love to spend time outdoors. Also, they all are amazing cooks! Most importantly, they are very hard working. They work tirelessly to make this shop a reality.


My hope is to connect you with talented artisans in Thailand. Together, you will have the coolest accessories, and we can create jobs and improve their communities.