Made in small batches, Using traditional processes.


In March 2017, we funded 4 artisans in Mae Hong Son to learn the tecqniques from one of the most skillful artisans. Currently, we are supplying raw materials for them to practice with a guaranteed job once they have acquired the skill.



#FAIRBAGS is a project to create modern handbags from fabrics made by the Lisu tribe in Thailand. The Lisu are direct descendents of an indigenous tribe of Tibet. Over the last 300 years, due to political reasons, many Lisu migrated to China, Burma, Laos, and the mountains in northern Thailand.



For the last few decades, the Thai goverment has claimed back land on the mountains and the Lisu were forced to migrate to a small piece of land in the north. Today, their main livelihood includes seasonal farming and crafting.



Seeing Lisu fabric for the first time can be quite electrifying. It is very detailed work that requires great skill to master. 

Finding the artisans who can make really beautiful Lisu fabrics was not an easy task. The reality is that there are not many of them left.




Our goal is to share this exquisite art with the rest of the world. 

By creating a demand for their textiles, we give younger generations in the Lisu tribe a purpose to cultivate the ancient method of sewing and to keep this beautiful tradition alive. 




100% of #FAIRBOWS sales are going to toward buying our artisans new sewing machines