A lot of work went into creating each component to make this unique eye catching bag. So why are we giving them away for free?


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First of all, we are passionate about the intricate stitch work by the Lisu tribe in Northern Thailand. Diagonally cut fabrics are meticulously sewn into thin strands in contrasting colors to create geometric shapes and stripes.

Our Lisu fabric collection coming this fall!


It is an ancient craft that somehow feels like it was designed for us, the contemporary women in the 20th century. 

Our goal is to share this exquisite art with the rest of the world. See what we do.

The black and white stripe coin bag is a proud product of our sponsorship for young Lisu women in Thailand to learn how to sew.

Keeping it real

Initially, we planned to sell the bags to raise more funds to sponsor our training program.

Sewing is a skill that will allow them to make extra income and be more independent when farming season is over. 



However, because these bags are products made by sewing beginners, not every bag is perfect. 

There are some crooked stitches and overall room for improvement.  

We are perfectionists, and we want to sell products that are perfect.


So, we see this as an opportunity to share with you the beautiful Lisu textiles. 


It is the coolest stripe pattern!

You have to see it believe it!  


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