The Making of Lisu Ropes

July 21, 2017

The Making of Lisu Ropes

Lisu ropes are used as part of the Lisu traditional dress. Lisu women hang hundreds of these ropes on their waists at the back of their skirts as a unique feature that reflects the identity of the Lisu tribe. The ropes are worn on special occasions or important rituals.

Sewing Lisu rope is the expertise of a Lisu woman. The technique takes practice to master. A Lisu girl at the age of about 7-8 years begins to learn and practice sewing Lisu rope from her mother. The process begins with a small strip of fabric and a string of white yarn. Each stitch is skillfully sewed so both sides of the fabric meet consistently, leaving an almost invisible thread.


Today, the ropes are used for gift wrapping, decorations, sewing etc. Currently, we have our artisans sew Lisu ropes to get ready for gift wrapping during the holiday season.


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