Add meaning to fashion

April 17, 2017

Add meaning to fashion

To say that I am all about eco-friendly, sustainable, fair trade fashion would be a lie.

I enjoy fast fashion, colorful accessories and great designer items.

I also enjoy fast foods, white breads and non diet soda.

I was a willing consumer for all things pretty and delicious.

But something shifted after my trip to Thailand.

After 17 years, people in my hometown are still poor, except now they have children and grandchildren. There my purchases of pretty things seemed to matter more. It meant creating jobs and sending kids to school.


The whole experience made me realize that consumption is a powerful act. By getting things I want, I can also help people get what they need.


That's when I set my heart on creating a demand for their goods so everyone can share this experience. 

It’s killing two birds with one stone.

In this day’s age, killing two birds with one stone is how you should roll.

Bike to work: save money and get good exercise

Listen to a lecture while you drive: you know you will not finish that lecture otherwise

Call you mom while you are cleaning: otherwise when are you going to call her?

Fashion should be the same way. Your purchase should make you look good and feel good as well.

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